Four acres of fenced play areas. 


About Country Critter Sitters


We've been providing home care for dogs, our own as well as those of friends and neighbours, for a while and welcome your inquiries.


It is necessary that we meet dogs before agreeing to provide care since this type of environment does not suit all dogs. We would be happy to set up a time to meet so you can see what we have to offer. At that time we can determine whether your dog would be comfortable living here with a group of dogs, big and small, young and old, social and not so social.


We offer care for short and long stays as well as a limited number of day-care spots for those that want to come and spend the day playing with fur friends. The dogs are always supervised and can spend as much time outside as they want or there are plenty of comfy dog beds to curl up on if that seems more agreeable.


Long before blogs became so ubiquitous, we began writing a daily diary report and we continue this tradition today except now we'll call it our Dog Blog. Our guests are as important to us as they are to their humans, so we enjoy providing a rundown on the day's activities from our guest's perspective. Sometimes they'll even contribute their unique viewpoint or share their literary talents. You can read about the days events and enjoy stories about old friends and the introduction of new ones. 

Dealing with Canine Cough

Updated April 3, 2024

Due to the outbreaks of Canine Cough or Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease during the past year, we have had to shut down many times to try and protect the dogs that are staying here and prevent further spread of the illness. Having any dog get sick and in need of isolation, combined with the added workload and lost revenue, are big concerns particularly if these outbreaks occur more frequently. Right now we have three dogs that are recovering and they are being isolated until we feel sure they are no longer contagious.  

Symptoms could include some or all of the following.

A cough that may produce phlegm, trying to clear the throat or retching,  

a nasal discharge or increased reverse sneezing,

some eye irritation,

general lethargy.  


 There are things we, and you, can do to limit the risk of exposure, keep your dog from getting sick and prevent further spread of the illness. While young, healthy dogs may recover quickly, older dogs or those that that may be immunocompromised are at a greater risk for more serious illness. 


  1. We cannot have dogs come to stay if they are coughing or showing any other signs of Canine Cough. If you have a booking and need to cancel for this reason, there will not be any cancellation fee.


  1. We will be contacting you, if our records indicate that your dog has not had a vaccination for Canine Cough (Bordetella) within the past twelve months. Dogs can still catch, as well as transmit Canine Cough, even if vaccinated, but if they get sick, the symptoms are usually less serious and the duration is shorter.

We will ask you to check your records or contact your veterinarian to find out if your dog needs to have an updated vaccination.  If so, then you must send us a copy of the updated Vaccination Certificate, specifying the route of administration, or ask your vet to E-mail a copy to us.


  1. For the two-week period, prior to bringing your dog to us for care, please avoid taking them to places where they will have direct contact with other dogs who may be sick. This includes any of the following:
    • off-leash dog parks, 
    • dog daycare or boarding premises, 
    • grooming operations, 
    • training facilities, 
    • vet clinics, and
    • the homes of friends or family where there may be dogs that they play with. 


If prior to your dog's stay, you suspect that they may have Canine Cough, please contact us so we can discuss how to proceed.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any other questions or concerns.   



March 2, 2024


We're taking a week's vacation in the following period.

We'll try to finalize the dates for the actual time off as soon as we can. 

June 8 to July 4, 2024.


While this may seem to be a long way off, we thought it best to give our clients plenty of advance notice.

It has been many years since we actually closed down the operation and took a vacation but we're going to give it a go this year. We will keep you posted on how our vacation plans unfold in the coming four months.




February 17,  2024 

** Important Note **


Due to the increased requirements for dog care from our current clients, we are unable to take on any new clients, at this time. 


For clients already established with us, be advised there are a limited number of bookings available during the coming months, particularly during holiday periods. Please remember that if you have made a reservation and you want to cancel all or part of your booking due to a change of plans, you are required to give us a minimum of two-weeks notice to avoid a cancellation fee.   

No cages or runs 

Lots of playmates 

Beach walks and swims 

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