Remembering our friends 


Let's go back to our first meeting with Norman on December 2, 2014 ...


'... we had time for a little nap in the nice warm sunroom before meeting with a new friend. His name was Norman, a hound mix, about a year and a half old. I was one of the first ones out to meet him and again, I did my Big Boss Mama routine so he would know that there wasn't going to be any shenanigans allowed around here. He was a calm and relaxed guy and right away he knew enough to respect me. Once that was done, I could return to the house and let the other critters meet him and get his measure.

Norman enjoyed his visit a lot and the other critters thought he would fit in quite well so it sounds like he will be coming for a short stay before Christmas.'

...  excerpt from the Daily Diary of Country Critter Sitters 

Norman's last visit with us was on September 8, 2018 and he enjoyed a trip to the beach with all his buddies that day. We certainly enjoyed the four years that we had with him and we will always remember what a great guy he was, relaxing on the veranda or swimming in the waves.  


April 1, 2013 - September 12, 2018 

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