Remembering our friends 


A look back in time to September 14, 2011 ...

'A new friend, Winnie             , arrives to spend the afternoon with us. She is Simon's new Sheltie sister and she is beautiful, a Blue Merle Sheltie. She is very timid so Mary and Cathy spend some time trying to make her feel comfortable. She likes us dogs but she's not so keen on Mary and Cathy. Luckily, they don't take it personally. She's been through a lot of changes recently so she's understandably stressed. We take Winnie for a few walks but she's too shy to go far from the house and soon it's time for her to go home.'

...  excerpt from the Daily Diary of Country Critter Sitters 

Winnie's last visit with us was August 24, 2018 and she didn't alter her usual routine of marching around the yard, only slowing down long enough to hop in the car and return home with her humans. We hope she is now reunited with her brother Simon  and that they will enjoy many more leisurly strolls together.  



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