• June13, 2024 - Just had to share the pics of Lulu's Birthday celebration.

    Hi, it's me Hali   and I know I said I would not be getting any DogBlog Updates done this week, because of the vacation, but I just had to share Lulu's second birthday party pics.  

    Here is the Birthday Gal with her perpetual scowling expression. 


    Dalfoodle and Lumbiddie had already been celebrating when they showed up. 


    This guy showed up but I think he was stoned and he didn't have  much to say. 

    Arthur was at the party even though he's 'canina non grata' because of his escapade this morning. 

    If Mary baked a dozen Morning Glory Muffins yesterday, ate two, put the remainder on the cake carrier, covered it and left it on the dining room table, how many muffins should be there this morning. 

    If you answered ten, then you are a math whiz, but if you answered two, you are correct because you factored in the Arthur component. Wasn't it decent of him to leave Mary two muffine for her breakfast. 

    See ya soon!


  • June 5, 6 & 7, 2024 - We are all getting pretty slack about the DogBlog so we'll try and catch up.

    June 5, 2024 - Photo Highlights. 




    June 6, 2024 - More Photo Highlights 




    June 7, 2024 - More Photo Highlights. 



    Now, for the big news. A word is being spoken around here that we have never heard before - VACATION! 

    Four overnight-guests departed today and all of the humans that came to pick up their day-visitors were reminded that they would not be bringing them back until the week after next, because of the VACATION. 

    We can hardly imagine what Mary and Stephanie are are going to do if they don't have twenty-five dogs underfoot for ten days but it seems that the last time a VACATION was done, it was more than ten years ago, so this one is somewhat overdue. 

    So in keeping with the VACATION theme, Hali wants to make sure that no one will expect the DogBlog to be published, so it will be a vacation for her as well. Arthur is looking forward to being able to sleep a little later in the morning and getting his meals without such a long wait.

    Stephanie, her husband Christopher, and their daughter Ellie are taking an excursion to Toronto so Felon, Stephanie's Bulldog, will stay with Mary, Hali and Arthur. Mary is planning to get some work done on the gardens and the pond, as well as overseeing the fence repairs and replacement.


    The VACATION will officially start tomorrow morning, June 8th so we'll be back to the usual routine on June 17th.



  • June 4, 2024 - It was a very busy Tuesday and our routine was disrupted due to the fence renovations.

    The Fence Guy, Alton, arrived at seven this morning to start work on the sections of fence that need replacing. The Triplet Tribe also landed here at the same time, so Mary had to get them in the front yard before Alton started his work so, they didn't get to do their complete inspection of the fields before breakfast got underway.

    Lucy and Griffin and Rosie got here at eight o'clock and they had to be marched into the front yard to play while breakfast was dished up and then the overnight-guest dogs had to move to the back yard so they wouldn't bark at Alton too much. 

    Then the serious traffic for the nine o'clock rush started and it was leashes and escorts to the yard to avoid coming in contact with the work. Everyone cooperated, so by nine-thirty we were well organized. 

    The little critter gang was assigned to Mary and Stephanie had a large herd of six Goldens to keep track of along with the Golden Wanna-Be, Molly.    Remi, Ruger and Kali hung out with the Goldens and Stephanie began her preparations for a beach hike with those allowed to go to the beach and the others would stay at the house with Mary. 

    Around this time, Gemma's human, Blair, called and offered to bring his tractor and grader down to smooth out the bad ruts in the driveway caused by that torrential downpour last week. The bonus was that Gemma's other human, Nancy, would be coming with him and she was looking forward to playing with a pack of little dogs. 

    Stephanie left with the beach gang and Nancy took a bunch of the little guys into the back yard to play. They were thrilled to have a human all to themselves to chase some balls and the Frisbee and get lots of great pats. There were some breaks to get a drink and catch our breath and get cuddled on the sofa while watching a colorful Flutterby rest on the windowsill. 



    Meanwhile, down at the beach those Goldens, along with Molly, Remi and Kali  were having loads of fun and the swimming was a great way to cool off. 




    When the Beach Gang arrived back at the house, they appreciated the buckets of cool water waiting for them and they were happy to find a spot in the shade to stretch out and nap. Alton departed at noon  and Blair was still pushing the gravel around on the driveway, so Mary made some sandwiches for Stephanie and Nancy and wrapped some up for Blair to enjoy, once he was finished. 

    During the afternoon, there were more opportunities to enjoy the company of our friends and Karter   arrived for a short stay , so he   enjoyed the East field view before joining the others.    



    Soon it was time for the day-visitors to go home and we had our dinner before we settled down to enjoy our naps. It was certainly a day full of activity and new stuff and Mary was thankful to have a smooth driveway.  

  • June 3, 2024 - Finley's back for a visit.

    It's Monday and the week is starting off as a busy one but before we deal with dog stuff we have to express our disappointment with the feathered community. All that work that Ms. Robin put into building a nest in the Yew shrub and laying those perfect blue-green eggs   came to an end yesterday.

    Mary heard Ms. Robin making a big fuss and when she went to check, there was a crow standing under the Yew with one of those beautiful eggs in its beak. The hard-working Ms. Robin was trying to drive the crow away from her nest but it wasn't budging until Mary chased it. The frantic Ms. Robin returned to her nest but this is what she discovered   so she flew away to find some consolation. It's a harsh world among our feathered friends. Maybe she'll come back and try again and this time we'll all take turns chasing any crows away.  

    So,  we had a nice time welcoming all the regular Monday visitors and our Golden friend, Finley  , who will stay for the week.  There were lots of scents to investigate and new friends to meet as we wandered around with Stephanie doing a Poop Patrol in preparation for the grass cutting this afternoon. 



    The beach was front-of-mind for many of us and Stephanie was keeping an eye on the tide so we would have as much beach as possible to race around on and enjoy ourselves. 





    In the afternoon, we had front row sets to watch the grass cutting by Bruce before the day visitors began to make their departure. After we had our dinner, we all felt the need for a good nap while Mary was busy cracking one of those lobsters for her dinner. Based on the amount of lip-smacking and how closely she guarded her plate, we concluded that the lobster was delicious and you can be sure that none of us got a taste. 

  • June 1 and June 2, 2024 - It continues to be cold and windy in Seaforth.

    It's cold and windy but we don't let that get in the way of our fun. Just ask Ollie or, better yet, enjoy these photos of Ollie enjoying his own version of fun. 

    Before                                                                                                                                      After  


    He loves the journey but not so much the destination, which is the tub, when he gets back to the house.  


    Lots of little dogs enjoying the beach today along with Arthur, Charlie and Ginger while Lyla, Pepper and Hazel stayed with Mary and followed her around as she did some garden jobs. 




    We are hosting a  new kid this weekend, Jersey  , Ginger's little sister. This is her first test-run, sleep-over and she is a little overwhelmed to have so many playmates but she soon becomes good friends with Lulu Bear. 



    Oh yeah, to follow up on the cat that is occupying the basement spare room, Bee   is doing just fine and she doesn't have any interest in meeting any of the dogs living upstairs. She says that as long as someone comes to feed her, refresh her water bowl and cleans her litter box, she'll be happy until she goes home on Wednesday.   

    Sunday was even quieter than Saturday because there was rain forecast, so Charly decided not to come. Ginger and Jersey were scheduled to go home this morning so Stephanie took them to the beach with the gang so she could see what kind of reaction Jersey would have to the ocean. 

    To put it succinctly, she was thrilled. She dove into the water and swam like she had been doing it her whole life, even though this was her first time.  



    That tail of hers, pointing straight up, looks like a submarine periscope as she glides through the water.  

    When we returned from the beach, Ginger and Jersey's humans were waiting for them and the were happy to hear that Jersey was a good girl, getting a favourable report card. 

    In the afternoon, Mary had some friends visit and we made a big fuss over them. They went over to the Fishing Reserve and picked up a dozen lobsters after which they sat down and had some lunch with Mary before departing with their six lobsters, which they plan to cook this evening. Stephanie appeared and got our dinner ready and Mary got her pot, filled it with water and cooked her six crustaceans, while we had our dinner. Tonight, it has started to rain and the temperature has dropped to nine degrees and it seems like once this DogBlog is done, we might be going to bed a little earlier than usual. No complaints from any of us. 

  • May 31, 2024 - The end of May, a beautiful day, too many people at Gateway.

    It was another busy morning with lots of arrivals, both day visiting as well as overnighters. The sun was a welcome sight and Stephanie organized the beach goers so they could get to the shore early. Koda, the young Toller was with us today but it's still too soon for her to accompany the bigger dogs to the beach but it won't be long before she's ready. 

    She stayed behind with Mary, Hazel, Pepper and Lyla and they played in the yards, chasing a ball and one another until the others returned from the beach. 


    The Baa Baa Bunch  are enjoying their new digs and eating grass is still their primary objective. We also watched the mother Robin go from her nest in the Yew bush to the various buffet locations where she could pick up a juicy worm. Stephanie managed a quick photo of the nest    while Mama Robin was away for a few minutes and those brilliant blue eggs are very impressive, almost like gemstones in a carefully, crafted setting. This makes for three different bird species nesting in and around the barn, intent on raising a family. The Swallows are still trying to decide where they will locate their nest in the barn and the Starlings have a nest just to the right of the barn door under the roof overhang. Of course we don't  count the Guineas in this family-rearing tableau, because, while they may lay an egg now and again, they just stop what their doing, lay the egg and then move on, leaving it behind. They do nothing to protect or incubate the eggs so there are no offspring to nurture. They are much more attached to Stephanie's car and they will follow it up and down the driveway and circle it for hours in the parking area. They are very strange birds, for sure. 

    So, back to the beach crowd who are enjoying their time on the shore racing around, swimming and making everything into a new game. 



    The fun and games continued with Gemma and Griffin   making the most of their day of fun   and Otis   and Finnigan   exploring the yards and finding some excitement wherever they went.

    On the human front, Mary drove into Dartmouth with the intention of getting some produce and meat at the Gateway Market where the prices are much lower than the big Chain Stores. Every week the line-up to get into the store has been growing as more people try to get the bargains. Today was the longest line-up ever so Mary went to pick up some Milk Bones at Canadian Tire in the hope that the line up might shrink, but it was even longer when she returned. She decided that she would try coming back later tonight or early tomorrow morning, so she headed back to Seaforth. 

    Our little Shih-Tzu buddy, Ollie, arrived for a weekend stay and he coud tell it was close to dinner time so he made a quick tour of the yards before parking himself on the veranda, in front of the door that would soon open up and admit him to the evening meal. 

  • May 29 and May 30, 2024 - Someone forgot to do the DogBlog for Wednesday and Thursday.

    H'm ... I wonder who could have let the DogBlog slip through the cracks, Hali? It's now Friday, and there has been no action since Tuesday. Stephanie did her bit and took all the photos but there's been nary a word published. We'll have to get busy and Hazel has volunteered to help get us caught up.

    Hazel   here,  and I'm going to try and get this DogBlog up to date and maybe earn myself a few extra dog biscuits.

    Wednesday is known as Doodle Day and I'll bet you can guess why.

    Here's we are , all eight of us  ... see if you can match the Doodles in the photos  to the names. 

    Charly    Ellie    Gulliver    Hali    Harrington    Hazel     Rolo      Snickers     


    # 1                                                        # 2                                              # 3 


    #4                                                     #5                                               #6 


    # 7 

    Doodles, doodles everywhere, they'll drive us all to drink. 

    Apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  


    There was a beach hike and somebody, perhaps you'll recognize him  , decided to have a 'sand and seaweed' roll. I'm just glad I don't have to sleep next to him tonight. I think Mary will offer him the opportunity to sleep in the sunroom.

    Mary asked me to mention that the cat, Bee, who is occupying the suite in the basement, is doing fine and, even though she doesn't come out and socialize, she's eating all her food and using her litter box. I'll see if Stephanie can get a photo of her one of these days since we would all be interested in knowing what she looks like.

    Wake up you guys, there's something going down you should know about. 


    A black truck just drove up to the gate and is admitted by Mary. I'm informed that it is the next-door neighbour/farmer and he has brought us some new playmates. He unloads seven lambs, born this spring , and he and his wife set them loose in the pasture on the south-east side of the house. Apparently, they are going to stay here for the summer eating the grass that Mary doesn't want to pay someone to mow and also reducing her carbon footprint.  


    I'll have to work on some variations to that all too familiar nursery rhyme and arrange to interview the guests and find out just what they like to do when they're not eating. They keep chanting 'Baaaad Baaaad' at us when we get too close to the fence and they don't even know us yet.

    So, skip ahead to Thursday and we are keen to get to know the Baaa Baaa Bunch.  We are disappointed to find out that all they want to do is eat grass, which gets kind of boring. We'll check in on them later and maybe find out what their names are and if they have any other hobbies or interests.

    The day started off as the usual Thursday gang started to arrive around seven o'clock. When the clock started moving toward eight, we started looking forward to our breakfast and the phone rang. It was Stephanie and she was at the vet clinic with her dog Felon who wasn't feeling very well and she didn't expect she would be able to get back to do breakfast with us. Mary started the preparations and managed to get our meals ready, got us fed and welcomed the next batch of Thursday arrivals. The morning sped by, as Mary raced from one door or gate to another, trying to make sure that we all got outside or inside and that there were no 'personality conflicts'. I had to run to keep up, while taking notes, but I drew the line at getting photos, so there's no documentation of any 'Baaaad' behavior.

    Around eleven o'clock, Stephanie arrived having left Felon at her house to rest  and took over supervision of the critters so Mary could leave and meet some friends for a pre-arranged lunch. We spent our time playing, getting our pictures taken and getting lots of pats from Stephanie as she made sure we were all enjoying ourselves. 



    There was even some chatter about getting to know the Baa Baa Bunch but we began to suspect that they were too snooty to play with us, particularly when they saw how keen Remi and Ruger were to introduce themselves.   


    The day was certainly not typical but eventually the day-visitors started to leave for home and then we had dinner, Desi was there to take over so Stephanie could get home and tend to Felon, Mary arrived back from lunch and Piper and Finn were picked up by their humans and headed for home.  Desi returned home as well and we settled down for a good nap and I was able to lay down my note pad and enjoy some of those extra dog biscuits because I certainly earned them today.  

  • May 28, 2024 - Sad to think we won't see our Sheriff around here anymore.

    We received the news today that the Sheriff of Seaforth left us behind yesterday as he went to assume a new position at the Rainbow Bridge. Many of you will recall meeting Nikku  at least once in the last five years and perhaps you might remember the video he starred in and, in which many of us had a supporting role. Just click on the link below if you want to see it again. 

    Wild West 12th Birthday Party for Sheriff Nikku

    We sure will miss that big guy who looked after all of us, made sure we all got along and were nice to one another.  

    It was a day of mixed weather, starting with a drizzly morning with some fog but that didn't keep us from heading to the beach with Stephanie and a gang of Goldens. 





    Stephanie is getting some great shots of the Yellow Finches who have been very busy this week chasing one another in and out of the shrubs and bushes. They are very territorial birds as are the Barn Swallows who are staking their claim to the barn and getting busy with a nest building project as they have every May  for the past thirty-two years. 


    The non-beach-going gang were busy while the beach crowd was elsewhere occupied. The Triplet Trio were getting soaked in the grass as they explored the yards while Rusty and Eddie could find lots of places to explore and Pepper complained about the cold rain and wanted back into the house.    



    After dinner, our overnight- guest- Doodle count increased to three when Hazel   arrived and, as usual, she pretended that she didn't want to socialize with us and she stayed glued to Mary. Tomorrow she will forget her reticence and join in the fun as it is Wednesday and Doodle Day around here. 

  • May 27, 2024 - Monday and we welcome Harrington, Charlie and his cat, Bee

    All the usual Monday visitors are dropped off and our little Schnoodle friend, Harrington, arrives mid-morning to spend a couple of weeks. His first priority is to check on the beach hike so he can get his scuba gear unpacked and be ready for the fun and games. 

    Stephanie assembles her troops and off they go down the hill to see what's happening while the non-beach crowd stay at the house with Mary. 




    There was still lots of kelp piles up on the beach so Stephanie had to keep an eagle-eye on the members of the group who enjoy chowing down on the stuff. While it may taste good at the time, later in the day and through the night, it usually reappears on the floor and Mary has to deal with it. 

    Once we get back to the house, it's time for Belle and Maya to return home and we wave goodbye as they hop in their truck. Then, Rosie W is reunited with her human and returns home and we stop for a rest so Mary and Stephanie can get a bite of lunch before Bruce, the Handyman arrives to do more grass cutting. 

    The next arrival is a little more unorthodox, as Charlie, the Golden Boy is dropped off accompanied by his cat, Bee. It seems that Charlie's humans are moving to Alberta, and their house here has been sold, so they have to go out there to find Charlie and Bee a new home on short notice. Bee is going to be housed in the spare room in the basement so she doesn't have to contend with the dogs that she doesn't know and all Charlie cares about is whether he's going to the beach.  

    Desi and Bruce arrive and once the mowing machine is fired up, Desi takes Charlie and Finn to the beach for a good time.



    Both Finn and Charlie agree that being the only two on the beach has it's benefits and it's great to be the centre of attention and getting lots of good photos . 

    Meanwhile back at the house, we are all relaxing and taking some walks with Stephanie while the mowing gets taken care of and we wait for Charlie and Finn to return.


    Harrington hopes that this little guy, Oliie, finds some other bum to chase because he doesn't see himself as a full-time pup sitter.    


    The day starts to wind down as the day-visitors go home, the grass mowing is finished and we get our dinner. Time for a good nap.  

  • May 25 and May 26, 2024 - Last weekend of May.

    A sunny day on Saturday and we were very busy with lots of comings and goings and some errands that needed to be done so were just going to put the photos out there for you to see us at play. 

    Betsy enjoys her time at the beach before she has to go home tomorrow. 


    Hunter spies a ball and goes looking for someone to throw it for him.  


    Felon shows Lulu Bear one of her favorite spots to roll on her back. 


    Lyla has her own agenda. 


    Hamish and Betsy have a race. 

    Hunter enjoys a rest in the sunroom. 


    Gotta get that stick. 


    Briar waits for the throw. 


    Pepper is still running. 


    Sunday was a day to get the long grass cut with the noisy whipping machine so we had to be kept out of its range and we enjoyed another beach walk with Stephanie. 

    One last beach hike before returning home. 


    Belle is going to need a good bath and blow out. 


    Hamish gets ready to pounce. 

    A sunday morning dip in the ocean. 


    Piper and Finn are always on the alert in case a dog biscuit appears.  


    Charly and Betsy frolic in the surf. 



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